Thursday, 3 June 2010


Waking at 5am this morning - the only time this week I know I'm going to have the chance to make art. Even tho' I
should be doing housework ... ho hum. I feel like I'm hoppin' school.... tee hee!

The wonder of modern medicine that is my Dad.

This weekend being the Taste of Spain Festival in Regent Street. I'm just going to be so pleased when it is over as it will mean the last of my daughter Hannah's working for 28 days straight and she can take a well deserved break. Finally.

Sex & Drugs & Rock n' Roll - the film about Ian Drury & The Blockheads which we saw midweek. Andy Serkis WAS Ian Drury - an epic performance.

The thoughtfulness & kind support of blogland friends - thank you all xxx

MOTM - Sia - Breathe. This was played during the tv prog Luther this week and I remembered how much I love it. Possibly my favourite piece of music .... ever.

How has your world been Rocking this week? Don't forget to let Virginia at Celtic House  know.


  1. Lots of 'Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3' here, Penny! The Spain Festival sounds good - and they'll have the weather to match this weekend, won't they?! Don't know the music you're loving, I'll have to check it out. Enjoy your day, my friend (NO HOUSEWORK, it is evil and must be stopped). xxxx

  2. Dust is my enemy...... don't touch it! I trained my DDs as kids not to put fingers near it as once there are marks it has to be dusted.
    Did Hanna come to Liverpool when we had Taste of Spain here? I went and I blogged it... it was great!
    Have a great w/end and may the sun shine on you and your lovely Dad. I love his philosophy.
    Thanks for such lovely comments on my blog, you are really good with words.
    Jo x

  3. Morning hun - loving your Rocking your World this morning - you were up way earlier than me, I've just managed to put mine on LOL! Loving your positive list the Spanish Festival sounds fabulous but 28 days working on the trot doesn't hope she gets a well deserved rest thereafter! Hope you are having a fabulous day! Hugs

  4. What a fabulous Rocking Friday. I have been wondering about that film and whether to watch it - I just might now :)

  5. and coming to see me?! Lol! xx

  6. Au naturelle Alison! I just didn't know I was going to when I posted this at the crack of dawn ... but obviously, its been a highlight! Its more fun getting my Craft Stamper this way than subscribing, it means I get in a sneaky visit too! Pen x

  7. Let's see, I'm grateful for a rainy day to get some computer scanning done.
    I had a most productive week of making 31 pairs of earrings from raw glass at the torch to finish, 2 chunky necklaces and some collage play as well with two nice long bike rides thrown in to balance it all out.
    And on the aging Mom and Dad front. I was pleased to hear them sounding strong and healthy as they went out to the summer house on the bay in Maine by themselves and my Dad was working on his raised beds.

    xoxo Kim

  8. That's dedication to your passion!
    So glad your dad keeps doing well. I just learned my aunt will be having open heart surgery next week. she's my dad's sister - now he and each of his siblings will have all been through it... family genes are no fun! That explains why my siblings and I have all become vegetarians!! from Italian butchers to veggie lovers - let's hope it makes a difference :)
    xox K

  9. Great reasons Penny. The "h" word is ALWAYS second to crafting here! Failing that a good book takes
    Don't know the music either but will check it out.
    Must also quiz Janet on her technical know how and get the button.
    Sue xx


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