Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Come Take A Walk Around our House...

These pictures are of a bunch of stuff around our house. The skull is not used for satanic rituals but stands guard over the fridge door to keep the pup out!


  1. fun "stuff" mosaic Pen!
    I am drawn to bony things for some reason...that is a very fine skull indeed :)

  2. I think it's fun and interesting to see other peoples stuff.
    The fridge guard is too funny!
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

  3. I definitely need a scary fridge guard - for ME! That's a very dramatic selection of 'stuff'.

    Im wondering how you did the mosaic thing.........


  4. Hi Jo! I live in a very tiny house that has delusions of grandeur bit like myself. The mosaic thing was done using Photoshop & Rowan's know how using sections of other, bigger photos. I'm getting addicted to them ... you know what I'm like! Pen x

  5. The skull stands guard...makes me smile :)
    Interesing pictures, love the mosaïc too!

  6. Your house must be very interesting!

  7. So relieved to know you're not involved in Satanic rituals:)ha! I really relate to your poem on public affection. My ex didn't even like to kiss. I guess my business name says it all....:)


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