Thursday, 21 March 2013


This is my 86 year old Dad, Doug, at the preview night of the David Bowie Is ...exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum last night. He is standing in front of a group of photos of Bowie taken by the likes of Herb Ritts, Terry O'Neill and Helmut Newton. His photograph is the Black & White shot on the right top of the picture and it was taken in 1966. It is also included in the book celebrating Bowie's work. The picture came from 'Mr Bowie's Private Collection'. I'm starstruck!

What few will know, is that most of the shots in the exhibition were taken in studio settings, where time and money were of no consequence. My Dad's pic, however, was taken in just 15 mins in the midst of Bowie's recording session at EMI. Now, I may be biased, but I guess that gives this shot an extra edge!

My Dad's stories of the people he's met and worked with are quite simply... endlessly entertaining and he now gives talks on the subject to groups and on cruise ships. It's lovely to see him honoured in such a fabulous way at this stage of his career... whatever next?


  1. Wow, congrats to your dad! I'm planning to go see the exhibition once the initial rush has died down and will certainly make a point of looking out for the photograph.

  2. Wowee - That's really cool! It's nice to see you back. Where in the world have you been???

  3. Wow! Pen, that's an amazing photo your Dad took! Congrats to him! Looks like a fab exhibition, I walked past the V&A last Sunday night, might have to go back! xx

  4. He looks great ~

    Thanks for sharing ~

  5. Congrats on such a well deserved honor for your father Pen...what a memorable event this must have been and such a cool photograph too!
    Happy Spring...


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