Wednesday, 2 September 2009


This is the beach house of the deceased film director Derek Jarman. I'd heard about his sculpture garden and eventually got there on one of our many trips to Rye - just about my favourite spot in the country. The garden is only tiny - small but perfectly formed. All the sculptures were created by Jarman from findings on the beach - driftwood, stones, rope etc. I love the notion of artistically recycling!
The house itself is a wooden structure and is covered in words made out of wooden letters - like braille for the sighted. Very fascinating to look at and, of course, to touch. I love this particular place because it is so bleak there - and always, seemingly, the weather is wild and windy and the sky is huge. I will definitely make the return journey.
The more I look at these old scrapbook pages the more I realise how much I loved both doing and having them. Photographs of our memories deserve better than to be stuck in a drawer out of sight. I can see more scrapbooking on the horizon....

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