Sunday, 13 September 2009


This Lock & Key atc was made by my great friend Sue who I've known for 39 years - and it don't seem a day too long! Sue introduced me to crafting in the very beginning and our obsession has grown in tandem. What started off as a shoe box full has grown into a whole room dedicated to the art, in both our cases. I love this atc and the fact that it has a lift-up flap to reveal the hidden woman and those colours she's wearing are fab. Sue always makes wonderful things, I love 'em all. She's a great source of info on all things crafty and will often come and plug in all the crafting gadgets I have but am too unsure of to use! She has a brilliant eye for colour and is one of the most organised crafters I know - I'm jealous on both those fronts! Quite apart from which, she's also a very good friend to have x

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