Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Finished this framed picture on Monday but just couldn't get a half decent photograph of it. I hope this is good enough to get an idea of what it's about! Seem to be going through a bit of a kinda religious phase at the moment.... there are lots of angels, statues etc putting in an appearance. Had loads of fun with this, smooshing distress inks about to make the background, then laying down tissue paper in very unevens strips and stamping the text (just for a change!) radnomly over it. I loved this effect and will be using this over and over again.
Love the image of the crow - love crows fullstop! Put the angel on a pedestal as she was originally too low down in the picture. Liked the combination of the two lower front images paired with the archway at the top left.
Just pleased really to have got the first of my fill a frame challenge done. I'm now onto frame number two which is a different proposition altogether. Aiming to have it done over the weekend for posting here on Monday! We'll see....

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