Thursday, 15 October 2009

Getting Things In Perspective

Today I had a really interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is intrinsically arty and who has been attending art classes where they've been learning perspective. It didn't make any sense to her and she was having difficulty grasping it which frustrated her intensely. To me, her art really doesn't require 'perspective' and really won't benefit from being required to fit into a box. Then we talked about being an outsider and not 'fitting in' in which we reminded each other how much neither of us actually want to conform. Personally, I think the only 'perspective' you need, is your own. It was an amazingly uplifting and liberating topic to have such an impromptu and unexpected conversation about as I stood dripping water all over the living room floor as I'd just got out of the bath! Made us both feel better. I'm so glad you phoned! x

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