Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Love this tag! This may well become my xmas card this year I was so happy with it.
Stamped it on silver background first but didn't like the result. 2nd attempt on white was so much better. Think the swirl stamp worked really well with the text - reminded me of illuminated lettering. Paired that with the angel and finished with my favourite ever lace edging stamp which I tarted up with some black stickles. I could stickle happily all day! The two tags I've made so far look good together so now all I have to do (apart from the further 23) is to decide how and where to display them to their best advantage.
I've been madly working on some bound books that I want to give as early Xmas gifts - have almost completed third of four and I like what I've managed to turn out so far.
Tomorrows tag may well be late appearing - my beloved Mum had a knee replacement op today and hospital visits are going to be our number one priority for the next week. 83 years old and not a word of complaint - that's quite some Mum!

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