Monday, 23 November 2009


This is the card I made for my dear friend Mags' birthday last Friday. Mags is one of those people I feel very fortunate to know and have known for what seems like forever! We must have met about 28 years ago and have been firm friends for all that time. So, for me, it is always an absolute pleasure to make something for her.

I really enjoy all things 'bingo' - and the bingo background stamp gets used at every opportunity! In the earlier days of our friendship Mags & I were definitely party animals and so the caption didn't require much thinking about. The stamp of the woman's face is one of my all time faves and appears everywhere. It's the best stamp ever for stamping on bits of left over paper and even on the scrap pad on which I work - it just lends itself beautifully to mottled and speckled bits! The colourway is also one of my favourite combinations - mint green and pink - when those acrylics run out I will be on a hunt for more to match them.

One of the best bits of making Mags card was delivering it personally and getting to spend her birthday with her and her family! So Magsie darling, Happy Birthday and, here's to all our future bingo opportunities.....!

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