Thursday, 20 May 2010


Is it really Friday again already? How did that happen?

First and foremost, this is a VERY special Friday in our household. My son Rowan (the one with the bald patch, just in time!) is 14 today and to celebrate we are having his friends, large and small over for a bbq. How Rowan got to be 14 suddenly is as much of a mystery to me as how its Friday today but, I gotta say, the 14 years I've known him have been blessed by his presence. And today, to mark the occasion, he'll be blessed by his presents! Seriously, I know he's mine, but, a nicer, kinder, more surreal young man would be hard to find. Happy Birthday my Sonbeam xxx

Sunshine award from the lovely Virginia at Celtic House who made my week. Thank you V x

A set of altered matchboxes from Penny at the Hen House - loved these so much and they were so unexpected! Thank you to all those who made them too x

3 Bee themed atcs from Jaqi - a new blogland friend - I loved 'em - thank you x

Crafty time spent with Sue - a real treat x

Whats rockin your worlds this week? Don't forget to let Virginia at Celtic House know too!

MOTM - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - all week long without dilution!


  1. Ah hun what a lovely list you've got this Friday - sending Happy Birthday wishes to your son - I know what you mean where does the time fly! Not a problem on the blog award it was lovely to give it away to your gorgeous blog! Sending Friday hugs!

  2. Gorgeous list. Happy Birthday to DS you must be feeling how I felt in April when I suddenly realised my first born 'baby' had turned into a teenager! Surely that can't be right????

  3. I had a bit of warning that my baby boy was boy no longer when he started talking in a totally unrecognisably deep voice and towering over me in stature Carmen, but even now, sometimes when I hear him but can't see him, it stops me dead! The joys of motherhood eh?! x

  4. Happy Birthday to DS today, my DS2 celebrates his tomorrow. x

    thanks for the ray of sunshine I needed it some sun.

    chriss x

  5. Happy Birthday, to poor mutilated-by-mother Rowan! Has he forgiven you yet?! Lovely crafty happies too, Pen. Have a lovely weekend, xxxx

  6. Happy Birthday Rowan from the mum of another fab 14 year old son - sorry about your hair !

  7. Hi - back again - I've managed to add a Mr Linky to the post so if you add your details people can check out your blog post as well! (Only just fathomed out how to do it)!

  8. Wow what fabulous things rocking your world today and lovely to hear how wonderful your son is x Janet

  9. Happy Birthday to your son!
    It happens faster than we think. Mine graduates High School next week. Not sure how that happend.

    Thanks for the visit at my blog!

  10. Birthday happies! Time does fly. My "baby" girl is now 17 and went off to the prom last weekend looking more 27 than 17.

    BTW, I love Tom Petty, too. Saw him in concert several years back and loved every minute of it. Hope to get more stuff posted this weekend on the Alchemical Fires...

  11. Whats rocking my Friday is that I don't have to go to work in the morning. It has been a long week. Happy Bday to your son.

  12. Its the first time I remembered to get here on your friday (my saturday hence I forget) to see your musical moment! Tom Petty is great!

    My damn song of the week is Olivia Newton John and Glee Club "Let's Get Physical", I hate it but the episode aired this week here in Oz so it has been advertised a million times a day and I am going CRAZY!!!!

    happy bbq and birthday to Rowan

  13. My friday rocked all the way to ArtsyCrafts Pen, & it'll be rocking all the way to your's this week!
    Happy belated birthday Rowan!
    Alison x

  14. a big happy birthday to your son, and hopes that his newly shorn head will be a trendsetting style to come :)
    I thank you for all your care and support Penny.
    xox Karin


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